EMI is delighted to be partnering with Talita Cumi for the master plan and concept design of a new children’s home located in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Talita Cumi has a vision to provide a home and refuge for children awaiting the release of their parents from prison or adoption into their new families. Through this ministry Talita Cumi desires to be a stable and hope-filled presence in the childrens’ lives; a place where they can know and experience the love of Christ through family, education, prayer, and the scriptures. The children’s home project has the goal of providing a transitional/permanent home in Cochabamba for up to 30 children, who are currently living in rented quarters through an anticredit arrangement. Long-term, Talita Cumi intends this to be the first of several homes that they are able to establish, in order to serve and be a light to the community. 

Project Scope

  1. Master plan for the site locating building(s), access, parking, utilities, outdoor recreation spaces, and other site features.
  2. Conceptual design of the main building(s) for the children (maximum capacity 30) which will contain sleeping quarters, kitchen, dining, homework rooms, classroom space, laundry, staff residences (maximum 8), office, and supporting spaces. In addition to the children and on site staff accommodations, the building program will include appropriate spaces for the technical team (doctor, psychologist, etc) to facilitate their work.
  3. Conceptual design of structural, electrical, water and wastewater systems supporting the main building.
  4. Definition and brief for a separate guest house (approximate capacity = 15 people) to accommodate short and long-term visitors. Potential to develop conceptual design.
  5. Sustainability appraisal that considers energy, water, waste, and materials used on site.

“Talita Cumi” means “Child, arise!” Words spoken by Jesus when he raised a child from the dead. (Mark 5:41). More about the ministry can be found on their website www.tacu.org

- Rob Quail, EMI Nicaragua Trip Leader


Architecture: Position filled
Civil Engineering: Position filled
Electrical Engineering: Position filled
Structural Engineering: Position filled
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