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Jungle Hospital

This Jungle Hospital Project is part of the Jungle School of Medicine which is a partnership between a local organization and Earth Mission Asia. The partnership has a combined goal of spreading help, hope and love to conflict zones in Southeast Asia.

Healthcare in this region of Southeast Asia has been documented as among the poorest in the world. In the fall of 2011, EMI sent a design/build team into Thailand to provide construction training for Earth Mission Asia medics.  The training involved building a prototype structure with earth-bags and a HyPar latex concrete roof. This building would have all the design details needed to reproduce a larger structure at their hidden base inside a conflict zone in Southeast Asia. This is a very unique project and design for EMI, as the structure has bullet-proof walls, an extremely lightweight and cool roof system, and is primarily built out of elements from the forest.

Original concept design of the field hospital by EMI USA.